How I Caught the Travel Bug

I love, love, love to travel. Don’t get me wrong, I like to be home as well but I’m happiest when I’m planning a trip or adventure, rafting down the Colorado River, sleeping under the stars or exploring far away cultures and hanging with the locals.

How did I catch this travel bug you ask? I suspect I might have always been partial to travel and adventure deep down. It’s part a personality trait (I tend to be a bit restless) and part passion (I’m always looking for something new, creative and exciting).

I grew up in Germany with adventurous parents. My family moved from Germany to California for 2 years where my dad did his postdoc at Berkeley. I traveled around the US, South America and Europe before I turned 5. Fast forward to having my own kids. When they were toddlers we sold our house, put everything in storage, bought a camper and traveled around the US and Canada for 1 year before settling down in Durango, Colorado.

I tend to be constantly dreaming up the next travel adventure, often while traveling home from my current trip (much to the chagrin of my less travel addicted husband). Now that we’re empty nesters I’ve come up with my quest to travel the world and start a travel blog. I love to travel with friends and family but also like going off alone. You have a whole different experience traveling solo. And you’re only alone if you want to be, it’s never hard to find locals or fellow travelers. More on all this later, stay tuned.

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