Packing Ultralight

Packing can be very stressful. We often end up bringing too much which makes the traveling stressful. In this video I show you how I packed ultralight for a two week European Ski Safari I took this March 2019. I decided to travel with only an under seat roller bag, but did end up bringing my snowboard boots since I didn’t want to rent boots when I got to Europe.

Some of my Packing Tips:

Pack your favorite, go-to outfits that are tried and tested and make you feel comfy and good. As an empty nester and middle aged traveler, I like to wear lots of black, because it matches with everything, dresses up or down easily and doesn’t show dirt. You’ll always blend in nicely on city trips. I went to Berlin, Hannover, Lausanne, 3 ski resorts and a weekend in Vienna on this trip, and was happy about the clothes I brought.

Don’t stress over going ultralight if you’re a new traveler. It takes quite a bit of effort to assemble your wardrobe (like lightweight warm jackets and clothes, I like Merino wool layers). To pare down your wardrobe, watch and notice what you don’t end up wearing or using when you’re traveling and leave that at home next time. I usually pack about a week before I go. Lay everything out and take half of it away. Then do that again, and critically examine or take out anything you don’t need.

I left my computer at home for this trip. That saves a lot of weight and space and you’re less tempted to work while on vacation. I find I can do most everything on my phone and I’m blessed to have my competent business partner Stacy at home holding down the fort and covering for my in my real estate business.

Possibly the best part about going light is the ease of moving from place to place, you can easily carry it all in one go (up the stairs etc), packing and unpacking takes 3 minutes and getting dressed is so easy. More time to relax and enjoy the moment.

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