The 5 Best Apps for Empty Nesters

The best thing about being an empty nester is that I have even more time to travel! The kids are gone, my savings are stable, and I've got more free time. Whether or not you're a middle aged traveler or working on a budget, having useful apps on your phone will  help make your travels easier and more fun. Here are my top five favorite apps to use while I am traveling.

1. - this is a great mapping app that works off line and doesn't use as much data as google maps. Just download the map of where you are going and use it even when there's no service. It's a good idea to tag the location of your hotel or airbnb before you venture out on that first walk. That way you never get lost and you always know how to get home at the end of a busy day of adventuring.

2. Trip Advisor - I use this to look up anything travel related, loads of great info on practically any location.

3. - I use this site for last minute hotel or hostel reservations around the globe.

4. Mobile Passport - This is a great app to breeze through customs and Immigration when returning back in the USA. It's free and takes only a few minutes to download. You get to skip the lines and save time with Global Entry.

5. A flight tracking app and/or the airline app of the carrier you're flying with - this helps figure out if your flight is on time, and it can help if you need to reschedule.

Bonus Apps: here are a few more I recommend and use often:

Happy Travels.

Love Claudia